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Yaz Manufacturer Agrees to Settle Lawsuits

Two oral contraceptives that have recently been in the news are the contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin. Just last year, after numerous lawsuits, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the company to place a stronger warning label on these products … Read More

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Forecasting Lawsuits for Medtronic Medical Devices

Serious complaints are stemming from Medtronic Infuse bone graft patients. Although Medtronic sales spiked at $800 million as recently as 2011, it appears a litany of Medtronic lawsuits are poised to launch. Complications tied to Medtronic products are deadly. They’ve … Read More

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Companies to Pay $688 from Cholesterol Drug Lawsuits

The third largest drug company, Merck, and fellow pharmaceutical partner, Scherling-Plough had agreed to pay out $688 million dollars to their investors after not coming forward with an unfavorable study of their top selling cholesterol drugs, Zetia and Vytorin. Upon … Read More

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Yaz Lawsuits Increase after FDA enforces new label

The number of lawsuits leveled against the PMDD medication company Yaz has risen significantly after the Federal Drug Administration ordered the company to place a stronger warning label on their product in April of 2012. The stronger warning label states … Read More

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Stryker Recall Costly for the Orthopedic Manufacturer

Stryker Corporation said on Wednesday that a hip implant recall that began in June of 2012 will cost up to $390 million for treatment, new surgeries, lawsuits and insurance payments. The company said that is has raised the low end … Read More

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Antibiotic Prescriptions Rise With Flu Season

With the current reported cases of flu on the rise, all indications point to yet another breakout epidemic for the dreaded debilitating illness. If you’ve personally been holding off on acquiring a flu shot, now is the time to have … Read More

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Lawsuits Amount as Tylenol Increasingly Linked to Liver Failure

The fallout regarding acetaminophen-based products, such as popular brand Tylenol, continues on. In recent years, the universally self-prescribed pain killer has been increasingly linked to reports of liver damage or failure. Tylenol, one of the most popular and readily available … Read More

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