Side Effects and Symptoms of Defective Medical Devices

Side Effects and Symptoms of Defective Medical Devices

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Often, new clients have questions about the side effects and symptoms associated with defective medical devices. We have answers to frequently asked questions and can answer all of your inquiries in much greater detail when you call or contact us online. The following represents only a brief overview of common symptoms associated with defective medical products. Complete this confidential form and we can begin assisting you almost immediately.

Defective Metal-on-Metal Device Symptoms

Many hip implants and other medical devices have been made from a wide variety of materials: plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and others. Many times the implants were made of at least two different materials, but for the last several years metal-on-metal constructions have become common. This was the norm because metal construction was supposed to increase endurance. Instead of making the implants last longer for some people, however, many hip implants have failed and led to the need for replacement. The materials used in these devices are cobalt and chromium alloys or titanium. Side effects may arise when these metals grind against each other and release fragments into a patient’s bloodstream. This can lead to metal toxicity in some people leading to headaches, nausea, dizziness and other complications that can be more pronounced in retired people or those in poor health.

Metal-on-metal failures may also lead to dislocation as the result of worn parts. This may require additional surgeries and hip replacements. Furthermore, infection, inflammation and pain are also reported in some people who have received such replacements.

Examples of metal-on-metal hip implants include DePuy Pinnacle hip implants and DePuy ASR hip implants which has been recalled by DePuy.

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Defective Stryker Hip Implant Damages

This product is not a metal-on-metal device. Instead its components are made from ceramic. Stryker’sproducts were voluntarily recalled after the FDA increased scrutiny on the company. Though the recall was not a direct response to the FDA’s scrutiny, Stryker did admit that some components of their product may fret or corrode. This may lead to infection and pain. These side effects may also lead to the need for replacement or revision. Stryker has been involved with at least two significant recalls of their products with the most recent coming in 2012. They are also the target of a variety of lawsuits.

Zimmer NexGen Knee Implant Failings and Injuries

The failure rate of this product has raised serious concerns throughout the nation. For many patients, the device failed prematurely and led to additional replacement or revision surgery. Complaints of joint pain, inability to stand up from a sitting position, and infection are additionally becoming linked to the NexGen knee implant. A class action lawsuit may be forthcoming.

Trans-Vaginal Mesh Dangers

In 2011 the FDA affirmed prior warnings about the dangers of trans-vaginal mesh. Since then, corporations like Johnson & Johnson have stopped distributing the product. However, several medical device manufacturers continue to sell the mesh. Despite incontinence, bleeding, infection, pain during intercourse, and other side effects associated with this product, American Medical Systems, Gynecare, Boston Scientific, and other companies continue to produce it. Though not everyone suffers the negative side effects of vaginal mesh, too many people do. There have even been reports of fatalities.

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The above is only a sample of the side effects and symptoms associated with these implants and medical devices. Furthermore, the above represents an extremely small percentage of the many medical devices in the United States and the many devices we have legal experience with. No matter the medical device that is causing you difficulty and no matter the medical challenges you face, call the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba at 800-490-2222. We will help you emerge from what may be an extremely trying time in your life.

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