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Antibiotic Prescriptions Rise With Flu Season

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With the current reported cases of flu on the rise, all indications point to yet another breakout epidemic for the dreaded debilitating illness. If you’ve personally been holding off on acquiring a flu shot, now is the time to have yourself treated to avoid a serious headache down the line.

Medical reports are now suggesting people are building a higher resistance to antibiotics throughout the flu season, in some cases rendering them highly ineffective in treating the individual. Simple statistics would point that a higher tolerance can mostly be attributed to the increased amount of registered prescriptions for antibiotics during the seasonal flu period.

It has long been known that doctors should not prescribe their patients antibiotics outside of situations that call for them specifically, the fear being antibiotics becoming essentially irrelevant to the user in treatment. The cases have prompted a series of lawsuits that have placed further scrutiny upon the use of antibiotics as a form of treatment.

The excessive amount of antibiotics used throughout the flu season raises other concerns. A certain line of antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, is raising red flags on its own. Some patients have reported retina detachment as well as an even more alarming overall blindness.

Such reports stress the importance of doctors following the important regimen for prescribed medicines throughout the season ahead. Talk with your doctor about your line of treatment should you find yourself under the weather this year.

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