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If you or a loved one has been harmed or killed as the result of a big drug company’s incompetence or blatant disregard for safety, you must have an attorney with the experience, skills, and resources to fight on your behalf. Call 800-490-2222 or contact us online to get in touch with a law firm that will always have time for you.

Cases against the Makers of Prozac

Prozac is manufactured by Eli Lilly, one of the largest and wealthiest drug manufacturers in the world. The drug has received increased attention over the last few years because recent studies have shown that it may be linked to birth defects. Many women were taking Prozac before they ever even knew they were pregnant. This makes it all the more imperative for large companies to inform the public of the risks of their drugs, but they often don’t. These companies, often prioritize sales over safety, and as a result, innocent people may end up getting harmed. This is especially tragic when a child is born with a congenital heart problem, or another developmental disorder that could have been prevented. Perhaps worst of all, even if they are at fault, the company may rely on legal tricks to convince you that you have no case.

The compensation you deserve will rely on many factors, but of course, no amount of compensation will reverse time or prevent the birth defect from happening in the first place. This is why holding the drug company accountable is so vital: they must be held accountable so that they learn their lesson, and do not inflict the same pain on another family. Additionally, birth defects make expensive medical treatments unavoidable; treatments that the child will likely need throughout their entire life.

In Prozac Cases, Sophisticated Legal Skills Must be Combined with Unwavering Diligence

Taking on large corporations that manufacture, market, and distribute pharmaceuticals can be daunting. Only an attorney with extensive experience, attention to detail, and personal commitment to your success can successfully weather the storm. While it is better if it can be avoided, if your case must go to court, we will prepare a rigorous argument. Our goal is to get your case settled in your best interests, no matter what the stakes. This may mean settling out of court or taking your case to trial as a mass tort.

To discuss your possible mass tort litigation against the makers of Prozac or any pharmaceutical drug manufacturer, call the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba at 800-490-2222.

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