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Lawsuits Amount as Tylenol Increasingly Linked to Liver Failure

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The fallout regarding acetaminophen-based products, such as popular brand Tylenol, continues on. In recent years, the universally self-prescribed pain killer has been increasingly linked to reports of liver damage or failure. Tylenol, one of the most popular and readily available brands in the United States, has done little to warn users of the fatal consequences involved.

Health Q&A: When is Tylenol not safe?

The health consequences surrounding Tylenol has spurred a multitude of lawsuits, many of which are still currently pending. Manufacturer McNeil has taken great lengths to avoid having to post ‘severe liver damage’ as a possible side effect of taking the drug on the label. Many of those affected with failing liver health understandably feel they never received advance warning regarding the dangers produced.

With the sheer amount of lawsuits already on the table, the amount of testing and screening of the drug has been placed under significant scrutiny. Many early lawsuits have the effect of seeming completely disregarded by the manufacturer, a move clearly based on maintaining positive public perception and shielding profits.

The basis of the argument seeks to prove the manufacturer failed to provide advance warning of serious liver damage to consumers despite being aware of the unique consequences beforehand. It took several years for the Food and Drug Administration to acknowledge Tylenol as a possible damaging agent to the liver but more recently progress has been made.

Consumers should be aware that Tylenol is linked to liver damage despite following recommended dosages.

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