DePuy ASR Hip Implant

A Lawyer to Sue for Damages Caused by DePuy ASR Hip Implants

Attorney Ronald B. Laba: Decades of Experience with Defective Medical Device Lawsuits

For over 27 years, Ronald B. Laba has been cultivating his expertise in the complex legal arena of defective medical devices and defective pharmaceutical drugs.  In the last several years, his attention has been keenly focused on Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy ASR hip replacements, metal-on-metal hip replacements, and the catastrophic suffering that they have been known to cause: dislocation which leads to an accident, metal particles in the bloodstream, infections, allergic reactions, and other side effects and symptoms common to defective medical devices. If you or a loved one has suffered from any of these problems, complete this confidential form so we can begin assisting you right away.

If you have suffered as the result of your hip replacement, or you simply have questions about the potential risks of such implants, call 800-490-2222 for a free consultation with Ronald B. Laba.

The DePuy ASR and ASR XL Recall and your Legal Rights

In 2010 DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a member of Johnson & Johnson, issued a voluntary recall of two hip replacement products: ASR and ASR XL used in hip resurfacing and total hip replacement surgery. The recall focuses on implants received after 2003, but it also calls into question all of the DePuy products including the DePuy Pinnacle device. If you have received a hip implant and believe you may have received one of these products, call us at 800-490-2222 for a free consultation.

Your medical device may have failed and led to the need for another emergency surgery, or your defective medical device may soon fail and lead to unexpected difficulties. You do not need to wait for catastrophic failure to have your legal and medical concerns assuaged. You have a reasonable expectation that the medical device in your body is safe. If it is not, you deserve to be compensated, and to have your pain, suffering, and anxiety alleviated.

Confusion over Medical Device Recalls

Many people are unsure what brand or what specific medical device that they had implanted. For many people, the hip replacement may have been completed several years ago. Your first step should be to contact your orthopedic surgeon to determine if your hip implant has been recalled. A member of a surgeon’s staff or other medical professional at the hospital or surgery center can generally help you find this information. We are also prepared to help if you cannot determine the necessary information. Call us at 800-490-2222 to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney and compassionate legal team.

By obtaining the services of Ronald B. Laba, the focus of your life can be recovery. We will focus on the details of your case so that you don’t have to. Unless you are familiar with the legal process involving defective medical devices, the system can be confusing and intimidating. We have been through the process countless times and will offer you the peace of mind that only an experienced attorney can.

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