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The Ceramic Hip Replacement by Stryker Was Voluntarily Recalled

Stryker has been in the medical technology and medical device industry for over 75 years. They have made countless people’s lives better. However, some of their products have been linked with serious medical problems.

Stryker’s modular-neck hip stems have been voluntarily recalled because of potential negative side effects. As the result of FDA concerns and a variety of lawsuits filed against medical device manufacturers, voluntary recalls are not uncommon. These recalls do not mean that a company has admitted any wrongdoing or culpability. This does not mean, however, that they are immune to lawsuits. Any company that makes a product—especially a product that is supposed to improve life—must assure users that safety is a priority. Too often, people are injured as the result of defective medical devices.

If you have had your hip replaced or resurfaced and you are suffering complications as a result, call the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba at 800-490-2222 for a free consultation. Mr. Laba has more than 25 years of experience in lawsuits involving medical device failures and pharmaceutical drug defects. He has helped thousands of clients obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. With such deep experience and unparalleled knowledge of this complex area of the law, he can answer all of your questions about Stryker, DePuy, and other hip replacement products and defective medical devices.

Why did Stryker Voluntarily Recall Modular-Neck Hip Stems?

Though this product may no longer be available, numerous people still rely upon it because it was implanted before recall. The product may run the risk of fretting and corrosion. This may cause discomfort and other more serious side-effects along with anxiety about the integrity of the device.

With the number of hip replacements taking place in theUnited Statesand the massive economic incentive that companies have for developing and marketing new products, there will inevitably be medical device failures. Most people will benefit from the revolutionary technology but a sizable number will suffer.

If you believe a ceramic hip replacement has corroded or otherwise deteriorated and caused adverse effects in your body; if you believe that a metal-on-metal hip device has failed and caused you pain and suffering or if you suspect that any of your medical devices are defective, call 800-490-2222 or contact us online for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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