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The Side Effects and Symptoms of Pharmaceutical Drugs can lead to Tragedy

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We can help you at any stage of your case. Furthermore, we can describe the steps of a lawsuit against a drug company including what to do next if you have been injured or have any concerns about legal cases involving drug manufacturers. We can also answer your most pressing questions about the side effects of pharmaceuticals and the symptoms of defective drugs. Some of the drugs that are currently the target of individual litigation, class action, mass tort litigation, or may soon be, are listed below.

Paxil Side Effects and Dangerous Symptoms

Like other Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI), the anti-depressant Paxil may cause birth defects such as congenital heart problems especially in the first trimester when many women were unaware that they were pregnant. Other problems associated with Paxil and children are a relationship between exposure in the womb and lung development problems in-utero. As studies continue to be published, more risks may emerge.

Accutane is no Longer Available but its Damage is Ever Present

Accutane was an extremely powerful drug used to treat acne. It worked by reducing oil produced by the skin. It may have solved one issue while causing a host of others. Many people of all ages suffer from acne but a significant number are teenagers. When young people are exposed to risk as the result of drug defects or poorly publicized information, the damage is particularly troubling.

Recently, suits have been brought against the manufacturer of Accutane, Roche, for the relationship between the drug and inflammatory bowel disease. Because of the many risks and lawsuits, the drug is no longer available in theUnited States. However, the generic form of Accutane still remains on the market which means many more people  will eventually suffer as the result of using this defective drug.

Zoloft’s Lingering Side Effects and Troubling Symptoms

This drug is used to treat depression. . There has been increasing evidence that Zoloft is linked to birth defects. While many drugs have risks, the benefits of using a drug like Zoloft and the risk of birth defects should be discussed with a doctor. However, in many cases, the drug manufacturer did tell the physicians everything it knew about the dangers faced by pregnant women when using this product.

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The Disturbing History of Prozac

It once was among the most popular drugs in the world. It has garnered pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly billions of dollars in profits since its acceptance into the US Market in the late 1980s. Prozac has been linked to birth defects and its popularity has waned and other anti-depressants have filled the gap, this drug still continues to exert influence. Millions of people still use the drug or something that is very similar.

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