Vaginal Mesh Failures

For Lawsuits against Manufacturers of Defective Trans-Vaginal Mesh Devices

A Lawyer Challenging Manufacturers of Defective Medical Devices

In 2011 the FDA reiterated its warnings about trans-vaginal mesh. Since then, some corporations have pulled the product from the market, but lawsuits against the makers of trans-vaginal mesh are becoming increasingly common. There is a wealth of evidence showing that this medical device may not only be completely medically unnecessary, but it may also cause infection, urinary problems, bowel and intestinal perforations, extrusions, and pain in many people. In some cases, it can even lead to death.

For more than 27 years, Attorney Ronald B. Laba has been challenging insurance companies and the companies who produce defective pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. If you have suffered as a result of a defective vaginal mesh or any other medical device, you need an experienced and skilled attorney on your side. Call 800-490-2222 or contact us online for immediate attention from an extremely experienced attorney. Complete this confidential form and we can begin assisting you.

The Costs of Defective Vaginal Mesh

The pain and discomfort you are experiencing may be difficult to quantify. The medical issue you had, which led to the mesh recommendation; the procedure having it implanted; the recovery process. The mesh has not made your life better at all. Rather, it has made it worse. Now you may still have your original medical problem, in addition to any new problems. The mesh may need to be removed and you may have to go through recovery once again. For these difficulties, an exact dollar figure may seem difficult to determine, but an experienced attorney like Mr. Laba knows that in cases such as this, compensation is often all that the manufacturer understands as justice. Holding companies responsible may well help prevent others from having to suffer in the future. Furthermore, you need compensation to pay your medical bills and get your life back to normal.

If we take your case, you will owe our law firm nothing unless we win on your behalf. Call us at 800-490-2222 to discuss your case.

Before you join a class action lawsuit and definitely before you accept any compensation or sign any agreements with the medical device manufacturer, contact us online or call 800-490-2222.

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