GranuFlo and Naturalyte Dialysis Products

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Two popular kidney dialysis machine products are receiving increased scrutiny for the harm they may be causing to patients. Fresenius—the producer of GranuFlo and Naturalyte Dialysis Products—may have been aware of the risks involved with their product but may not have taken appropriate action to protect consumers. Heart problems and other health problems may result from the use of these products. If you have suffered as the result if these dialysis products, you need a formidable ally on your side.

Call 800-490-2222 to speak with Attorney Ronald B. Laba. He has more than 27 years of experience in the high pressure and high stakes arena of lawsuits against insurance companies, medical supply and device companies. He also has a long record of success; his clients have won hundreds of millions of dollars over the last three decades.

Questions for a Lawyer about the FDA’s Recall of Fresenius Dialysis Products

The FDA announced a recall recently after the New York Times reported that the products made by Fresenius may contribute to a risk of stroke or heart attack. If you have been using these products or you have a loved one who undergoes kidney dialysis, you may have concerns about this FDA recall. To have your questions answered and to discuss a possible lawsuit that may alleviate some of your suffering, call the law office of Ronald B. Laba at 800-490-2222. You can also complete this confidential form online form which will help us assist you. We know you have concerns; we can offer peace of mind.

There is no need to confront your concerns without a skilled ally at your side. Ronald B. Laba has been protecting clients and fighting for justice on their behalf for more than 27 years. Contact the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba, APC for your concerns about GranuFlo and Naturalyte Dialysis Products.

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