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FDA Issues New Warnings for Ambien Users

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Sleep aid, Ambien, and its generic form, Zolpidem, are said to contain inaccurate information about the side effects, particularly in women, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drugs have been hailed as a non-habit forming sleep aid, sold by Bayer Drugs and have gained popularity for their ability to make even the most tense of people fall asleep with ease.

Issues involving sleep walking, sleep eating, and other activities in which the person is not awake have been associated with the drug. Although these side effects are relatively uncommon, there is a fairly widespread problem with morning drowsiness.

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The chemicals, especially in the delayed release drugs, are said to stay in a person’s system even after the user has woken up. This could lead to serious problems when it comes to activities which require alertness, such as driving, operating machinery, or tasks at the workplace. Women are said to be more susceptible to the prolonged side effects since the body metabolizes Ambien and Zolpidem slower than in men.

The FDA now recommends that people using Ambien should talk to their doctor about taking less of their prescribed amount. This is one of many allegations against Bayer regarding inaccurate warnings. If you have suffered because of improper warnings, side effects, or an over-prescription, make sure you contact an attorney right away who can fight for your well-being.

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